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Your Local Business Partner
Your Local Business Partner


As your advertising source KRYD FM has a vested interest in the success of your business. Allocating 5-7% of ones annual income to next years advertising budgets is just as important as promotions are to the success of most business plans.

The owners and staff at KRYD FM have over 40 year’s ownership experience in the Radio and TV biz, so we have seen it all. Unlike many media reps selling exclusivity, we attempt to act as an advertising agency, suggesting your campaigns use a sophisticated media mix of ad vehicles including our competitors to reach as many of the 200,000 people in the local trading area.

KRYD FM is the only local owned radio or TV Station in Western Colorado. We live here and care that your business succeeds with its sales campaigns. If you succeed, we succeeded in earning your confidence and respect. Our goal is to be the adverting partner you seek to communicate to the Community.

All advertising is not created equal. Radio & TV are the ONLY ad vehicles that can reach into 99% of all 200,000 area homes. No other ad source can make that claim: cable TV, newspapers, billboards, direct mail or the internet can only reach a fraction of homes Radio delivers. All that means is your message on KRYD FM can get to more people, which is the reason one buys advertising to begin with.

KRYD FM is one of the most listened to local radio stations in the 5 County Trading Area. We’re your partner and link to communicating with your customers. Coupled with The RIDE’s unparallel free script writing and production skills and it all adds up. A radio station; ad agency and your partner communicating your message to neighbors and customers with the best professional ad copy, setting your Company apart from the crowd. Our subsidiary HD1 Video Productions also produces High Definition TV commercials and programs.

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